Curious Mixture Absinthe

Designed by Stig Bratvold | Country: Norway

Curious Mixture is a supérieur French Absinthe Les Blanche. The name is inspired from the curious mixture of herbs that are put together to make this Absinthe. The black bottle gives it a mysterious character. The design is inspired from French vintage designs from the 19th century. 

Stig is a Melbourne based Norwegian graphic designer. As a recent graduate from RMIT he has been working as a freelance designer for the past two years.  His main interests are typography, branding, editorial and package design. With a strong sense of attention to detail and a passion for typography he brings quality to his works.

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  1. As it was intended, its black bottle gives it a mysterious character. I like the vintage styled typography that makes the product look old and classy. I was also impressed by the fact that designer payed attention to the inside of box, decorating with black flower pattered white fabric. Though there’s nothing luxurious about the design, its simpleness evokes curiosity.

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