Designed by Kyla Tom | Country: USA

yum. is a playful and fictional chocolate bar brand I created for a class in college. We had to create a brand identity and theme as well as the packaging. The idea behind yum. is to embrace the simplicity of chocolate. Chocolate is a joyful experience that can be felt as soon as it hits the tongue. Ultimately, this experience can be summed up in one word: yum.

Color pops were brought in to a stark white background to hint at the burst of flavor and the fulfilling experience as soon as the chocolate is eaten. When the packaging is opened, the chocolate bars smile, bringing in a fun and playful nature to the brand. Simple, delicious chocolate. That is yum.

I am Kyla Tom, a graphic designer in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. I am a recent graduate of Portland State University and currently work as a graphic designer for a financial magazine for young adults.

5 Replies to yum.

  1. Chaeun says:

    I really like the design of this product. It’s simple and uses simple colors but it is very nice & soothing. I like the colors on the edges, using some primary colors to add a colorful taste. I also like the fonts that she used, it is very catching to the eye.

  2. ca6sumi15 says:

    I like this product/packaging because it is about food. It has different varities of color which gives enjoyment to the person. The different types of choices in color and the taste gives a mysterious feeling inside you. I like how the product is very simple but has a funny and enjoyable taste inside which will give fulfillment to the person.

  3. Steven Kwon says:

    I really liked the design of this product because the title is so simple so it’s appliable. I also the use of colors to make the cover was creative yet simple. To me too much color or too much design isn’ t that appealing. I would rather have a simple design like this and enjoy great sweets such as this chocolate. I also think the shiver, cozy and tingle were really neat features to this.

  4. Jay Kim says:

    This design of this product is extremely simple but really eye catching. By making it simple (when most of the other chocolate bar brands focuses on making their packagings fancy) and with various colors, this design itself creates a whole new brand that stands out.

  5. Jim Lim says:

    This is such an innovative way of looking at a regular chocolate bar. It is scary how simple and vividly colorful it is. This cheap design still pertains it’s luxurious style. It is impossible to pass a store without catching your eyes on these magnificent, miniscule chocolate bars.

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