Duracell Promo Packaging

Designed by Spencer Bigum | USA

Batteries don’t just power cool things, anymore. They are the cool things. With this new package design for Duracell, I created a promotional tool to get people excited about the batteries they buy. I used icons from popular culture, like Star Wars, to help the Duracell brand stand out on the shelf from its competitors. It gives people a chance to connect directly with the product in a way that other brands don’t. Who knows, maybe in 50 years we’d see this packaging up at a collector’s auction. 

The new package is made of 100% recycled cardboard and uses the back of the “original” battery package as the front for a larger canvas, which is why there isn’t a need for a clear plastic case to hold the batteries anymore.  A few other ideas for other pop-culture references were included to see how the system could work.

4 Replies to Duracell Promo Packaging

  1. Sarah Lee says:

    I chose this packaging because it makes the Duracell batteries into interesting and fun objects by creative use of various colors and phrases, that would otherwise be very mundane and boring. I like how the designer included short humorous comments like “Daft Punk Runs on Duracell” that can entertain the buyers. I also liked the facial expression designs on the cover and adding some human qualities on the batteries. They really are no longer just things that charge cool things, but they ARE the cool things now.

  2. Steve Kim says:

    This battery promo really captured my attention. By featuring many creative aspects of these batteries, such as by showing how these fan loved starwars robots runs on Duracell, I found it really cool, funny, and creative. The design is very simplistic, depicting very few colors, but stands out vividly, as if each of these colors represents as its own piece of art.

  3. Jay Park says:

    I find this battery display very interesting. It’s very creative how you sell batteries inside prominent movie robot figures. From this packaging I think many star wars fans will be excited to see these and buy them, just because of the package. As a result, I love the package. It’s imaginative, appealing, cute, and attractive. I think this brilliant and simple design will help Duracell attract customers.

  4. Danny Hong says:

    I really like this design for the batteries. While being simple, it brings memories back from the famous movies such as Star Wars. I think it is also a good idea to use recyclable paper for the cover so that the plastic does not go to waste. I think that this will catch the eyes of many customers.

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