Pillow Fight

Designed By Bryan Ku | Country: USA

Silkscreened on fabric, stuffed and hand sewn pillows.

Bryan Ku is a current BFA Graphic Design student from Los Angeles, California.

“I challenge what is accepted by asking questions like “why” and “what if.” With my work, I let my concepts dictate the look of the design.”

3 Replies to Pillow Fight

  1. Rocketa Naron says:

    I would really like to buy some of these pillows as a holiday gift for my best friend. Any chance Bryan has some for sale?

  2. Kelli Kehoe says:

    i am honestly interested in buying these. i think they may be the most fantastic things i’ve ever seen. In my life. is there any possible way to get them?

  3. I really first time seen such beautiful screened pillows. Liked the idea very much.

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