Sacha branding


Designed by Chris Mann | Country: USA

Sacha Shoes is a fashion label based in the Netherlands. The shoes that they offer are trendsetting, distinct and genuine. The brand is unique, much like the individuals who shop there. The identity has been made to reflect the style of shoe and to stand out in the shopping environment as something unmistakable and ownable.

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Children’s Creativity Museum


Designed by Viet Huynh | Country: USA

The Children’s Creativity Museum, formerly known as Zeum, is an interactive art and technology museum for kids located in the Yerba Buena complex in San Francisco.

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Take Away packaging


Designed by Beatrice Menis | Country: Spain

The aim of this project was to design a packaging for take away. Nowadays there are infinite types of fast foods which offer take away, that’s why we chose to narrow it down to a special sector of the market.
We chose to focus on lactose intolerance, offering take away dairy-free breakfasts! At Müd we offer cupcakes, donuts, cookies and loaf cakes which you can combine with coffee, tea or hot chocolate and everything is without lactose!
Feel free to add any type of dairy-free milk that you want such as almond, rice, oat, etc.

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Embutidos Montes De Toledo packaging


Designed by Lina Sponberg | Country: Sweden

A school project where our task was to design a new attractive package solution for the spanish company Embutidos Montes de Toledo’s vaacum packed iberian meat products. We were a group of six students working together on this assignment, where I was the project coordinator.

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Jade&Michael wedding stationery


Designed by John Barton | Country: United Kingdom

Screenprinted silver metallic wedding invites with custom typographic seals. Each bespoke envelope has perforated edges that allow recipients to tear off
the envelope ends and return their RSVP as a postcard.

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Fedrigoni 2012 YCN


Designed by Jonathan Shackleton | Country: United Kingdom

Fedrigoni are a well established, Italian paper company who have refined the art and science of making fine quality special papers. My challenge was to create a campaign which will ensure the entire UK design industry hears about the paper selection tool, consisting of 262 various paper samples which enables designers to choose the best shade and most suitable surface for their very next project.

Deer You Organic Juice packaging


Designed by Mara Rodriguez | Country: United States

Deer You is a new honest brand based on an organic cultive that keep the natural properties of our fruit and save it from pollution and synthetic ingredients.

Deer You, a real and reliable fruit juice.

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Modern Architecture / 2011 Identity


Designed by Nicolás Vasino | Country: Argentina

Student project identity for a international event specialising in architecture, interior and landscape design. The identity not only reflects the philosophy of Modern Architecture and their high demands on quality and design, but also the company´s approach to architecture.

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Thise Mejeri packaging


Designed by Randi Sjælland Jensen | Country: Denmark

BA school assignment. Corporate identity assignment to redesign Thise Mejeri, which is a danish dairy. I designed Letterheads, business cards, profile brochure, web layout and packeting design.

I was inspired by the old fashioned milk bottle and round shapes.

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Fedrigoni – ‘Imaginative Colours’ mail-out


Designed by Emma Jackson | Country: United Kingdom

YCN Student Award brief to create a promotional campaign for Fedrigoni Paper’s new “Imaginative Colours” paper selection tool.

My concept centers around the idea of an escape from everyday life. When we imagine our minds leave where we are; our offices, our streets, our towns, and enter another world.

This mail out book offers a brief escape from an everyday fast-paced environment. What appears at first to be a row of houses becomes an invitation into an imaginative world.

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